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At Timberlink we pride ourselves on an exceptional customer service. No job is too big or too small for our friendly and knowledgeable staff. Other than supplying the public with high quality timber and landscaping products, we offer a range of services, including a bespoke joinery service, timber cutting service, timber treatment, delivery service and recommend a local tradesman for erection.

Timber Treatment

Timberlink's treatment centre is one of the largest inland treatment facilities in the UK. Timberlink not only treats its own timber, but also offers a custom timber treatment service to its customers, which comprise multi national European, as well as major UK national and local timber companies. We have two plants which both measure 18.4m x 1.8m diameter and can treat timber either green and/or brown. We are one of the few facilities that can heat the solution in winter to improve penetration of chemical. Our plants are run and controlled using the most up to date SCADA PLC control systems.

We also offer our treatment customers onsite storage after treatment. We also regularly arrange haulage for our treatment customers. We have a large fleet of forklifts so we can ensure a rapid turn around.

Why treat?

Wood needs protection whether fence & gate posts or building timbers, panels, pergolas, playground apparatus -. Particularly when used outdoors in constant contact with earth or water, our indigenous, relatively low durability wood types are at risk from fungi, insects and the elements. Vacuum pressure impregnation can provide lasting protection for these types of timbers..

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Preservation Use Classes

Wolmanit CX-8F Preservative

Timberlink uses the Wolmanit® CX-8F liquid wood protection concentrate, suitable for wood in gardening and landscaping, for playground equipment, posts, palisades, fences and decking.

The Treatment Process

The structure of wood is similar to that of a sponge, with cell cavities and cell walls, which represent the actual wood. The aim of wood preservation is to coat these walls with preservative to protect them from decay caused by wood-destroying fungi and insects. The preservative penetrates deep into the wood with the aid of pressure and a vacuum. First the vacuum removes the air from the cavities to create space for the preservative solution, which is then forced deep into the wood under high pressure.

The pressure treatment vessel is loaded with timber
A strong initial vacuum is created, pulling the air from the timber and out of the vessel.
While maintaining the vacuum, the vessel is filled with Wolmanit® CX8-WB preservative solution.
Under high pressure the preservative solution is forced deep into the timber.
The pressure inside the vessel is reduced to normal and the excess solution within the vessel is drained off.
A final vacuum is created, allowing any excess solution to be drawn from the timber.
The timber treated with Wolmanit® CX8-WB is now removed and placed in storage to allow fixation

Timberlink sells the largest range of treated timber in the UK at our central Midlands base.

We are a family run business setup in 1983. We are known for our strong relationships with our customers and suppliers. We value our helpful and friendly staff with Timberlink's motto being "can do, nay bother".

We hope you find what you are looking for on our site. If not please do not hesitate to contact us.

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