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Timberlink & Dr. Wolman

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Wolmanit® CX End User Leaflet

Wolmanit® CX General Leaflet

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Wolmanit CX8-WB Preservative

Timberlink uses the Wolmanit® CX8-WB preservative. Wolmans, established in 1911 is part of the massive German BASF chemical group and supplies about 70% of the timber chemicals used in Europe and was the first company to use non chrome and arsenic free chemicals based on copper boron some 15 years ago.

Our large storage site makes us an ideal depot for storing and treating large volumes of timber. In 2006 Timberlink was the main treatment centre, used by Jewsons to treat and ship some 250 containers of timber for the British Red Cross to Banda Aceh after the SE Asia Tsunami.

Dr. Wolman Products

Modern wood treatment places high demands on research and technology. This is because preservatives today need to be both effective and environmentally friendly. The Wolman range can justifiably claim to fulfil both these requirements. The innovative Wolmanit® CX8-WB preservative provides the basis for lasting wood protection..