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Why treat?

The risks

Wood needs protection whether fence & gate posts or building timbers, panels, pergolas, playground apparatus -. Particularly when used outdoors in constant contact with earth or water, our indigenous, relatively low durability wood types are at risk from fungi, insects and the elements. Vacuum pressure impregnation can provide lasting protection for these types of timbers..

Care of treated wood

The cross cut ends of impregnated timbers should be treated with Wolmanit® Cut & treat.

More information

You can find extensive information on wood destroying fungi and insects in Wolmans‘ Infocenter Wood.

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Preservation Use Classes
Use Class (UC) Type of use Examples of end use
1 & 2 Internal - Above ground
Permanently dry or risk of wetting
Insect risk
Timber frames, upper floor joists, roofing and tiling battens
3 External - Above ground
Exposed to frequent wetting
Fence rails, decking boards, garden timbers, external joinery, cladding and sole plates above damp-proof course
4 External
In ground contact
Fence / gate posts and all timber in ground contact e.g. Decking joists & Sleepers