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I-Joist Software & Design Service

Timberlink staff have been trained in the specialist James Jones distributor design software packages, JoistMaster and FloorMaster, which are written to provide fast and cost effective design solutions for today’s construction industry.

These packages are regularly updated to ensure compliance with ever changing Building Regulations and Codes of Practice, each new version incorporating new features and developments to help the designer maximises the benefits of the system.


JoistMaster is an extremely powerful beam design tool, which enables the specifier to quickly assess the most cost effective joist solution, tailored to his/her particular design requirements and provide a calculation printout suitable for local authority approval.


FloorMaster is a comprehensive floor design and layout package allowing trained designers to quickly and accurately produce detailed layout drawings, installation details, material call-offs, calculations and design quotations for any building footprints.

JoistMaster - Timberlink, market drayton FloorMaster - Timberlink, stoke-on-trent

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