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Timber Panels

We make a wide range of close board (feather edge)and paled panels together with trellis for the home as well as supplying a large number for public sector housing. All our Timberlink panels and trellis are made from FSC® certified timber and all our panel and trellis timber is pressure treated by us with Wolmanit®CX8-WB either green or brown.

Our closeboard panels and trellis come in a standard width of 6ft (1.829m) and every height from 1ft (0.3m) to 6ft (1.829m). Timberlink make panels either flat top with a capping rail or with a 3" (75mm) dome (convex) or bow (concave) top.

Our standard pale panels are usually 3ft (0.9m) or 4ft (1.2m) high and 6ft (1.829m) wide. They can be supplied either rough sawn or planed with a round, pointed or flat top. Whilst most of our pale panels are made with a 3" (75mm) pale, we have recently started using 4" (100mm) pales as well.

In our Joiners Shop we also make bespoke panels to suit customer's individual requirements.

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