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Stock Wire


The most popular stock wire now used for fencing in cattle and sheep (historically pigs) is C8/80/15, which is a medium grade roll manufactured to BS EN 10223-1 and galvanised to BS EN 10244-2 Class A and is supplied in 50m and 100m rolls in Mild Steel (MS) and 100m in High Tensile (HT).

Related Fencing Materials

Most commonly, roundwood posts would be used in sizes of 5’6” or 6’ (1.65 or 1.8m) high x 3”-4” (75-100mm) in diameter, usually spaced at 6’ to 8’ (1.8 -2.4m) centres and strained with strainers 7 or 8 ft (2.1 or 2.4m) high x 4”-5” or 5-6” (125-150mm) and a strut.

Less frequently sawn posts are used in sizes of 3” x 3” (75 x 75 mm).

Staples would usually be 40mm and less frequently 30mm long and are sold barbed - ie they have a small barb spike to stop them coming out as the posts age or plain with no barb spike

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